Feura Bush is an interesting little hamlet in the Town of New Scotland (see what you learn when you ask for information from our listeners?) .  That's not all I learned, and you're about to learn yourself as you listen to this little takeoff on a classic Rascal Flatts song. 

Lord knows WHY I went with Rascal Flatts for this song parody .  It's almost an impossibility to sing like them, so don't expect me to sound even REMOTELY like Gary Levox, 'cuz it ain't happening.  With that disclaimer in mind, here is your song, Feura Bush., with lyrics to follow.  Please feel free to "like" it and/or comment (gulp)

photo by Jess Jones

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Feura Bush

lyrics ©2013 Richie Phillips All Rights Reserved (but if you live in Feura Bush, you can have them)

It's got a long history and it always will
it was once called Jerusalem and also  Moaksville
in fact way back in the 18th century
almost all the land was owned by Harmon Van Der Zee
and there's something else you have to understand
it's now  hamlet part of New Scotland
now if you want some  grub
there's Perscios and the  Pixi Pub's
I'm gona hurt my jaw
when I try to say Onesquethaw
Feura Bush it's neat
Stanton farm stand where you can pick your strawberries
new firehouse and from what I hear
their in a desperate need of volunteers
stick your ear out your door long after dark
and you can hear a bunch of beagle club doggies bark
yea if I were you I would rush
to Feura Bush
it's fantastic
that's where GE makes some of it's plastic
The old schoolhouse is a memory
They turned that into a library
Lots of things we'll miss for sure
Feura bush tavern and Vadney's feed store
Special thanks to the following researchers, by the way
Tina Mattick Brooks
Darrin Scott Kibbey
Ashley Cootware
Roger Augar
JESSICA JONES (she provided the photo too!!)
Joanie Holt
Clifford Nooney
Kathy Nealand Dedrick
and many others!
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