I had a blast with this one, because you, the ever loyal Facebook followers, contributed some great information about your little Rennselaer County town - Nassau.  Thank you in advance! 

When I put out the call for facts about Nassau, I had several people from Nassau County on Long Island think I was doing a song about them.  Sorry, but I'm only one man. I'm having a hard enough time covering all of the towns around THESE parts.  (It was cool to see though, being from L.I. myself.

But I digress.  Here we go, folks.  Here's the song with lyrics below.  Much gratitude once again to all of you for responding.  You made my week.  Sorry I couldn't get to all of the info. I could almost create a "part 2" out of it.

This is a parody of "Nassau Is Funky",by Ray Munnings, by the way.  Great song! Thanks to an old college buddy, Mark Delligatti for the idea.




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