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Bobcat Sightings In The Capital Region
I had no idea what animals could be lurking in our backyards here in the Capital Region. It always surprises me when a bear suddenly appears in Albany. There are also new animals that I had never heard of like the coydog that has been seen in neighborhoods across our area. But this one I had no idea…
Your Town Thursday
Feura Bush is an interesting little hamlet in the Town of New Scotland (see what you learn when you ask for information from our listeners?) .  That's not all I learned, and you're about to learn yourself as you listen to this little takeoff on a classic Rascal Flatts song.
Law Breakers in Albany Area
Lots of people in and around the Capital Region breaking the law this week, according to the Times Union's Capital Region section.  From embezzling to marijuana production, your neighbor could be accussed of a crime.