I had no idea what animals could be lurking in our backyards here in the Capital Region. It always surprises me when a bear suddenly appears in Albany. There are also new animals that I had never heard of like the coydog that has been seen in neighborhoods across our area. But this one I had no idea lived in the woods in the 518.Like the coydog, the bobcat looks as if they would be domesticated animals and that is definitely not the case. A full grown bobcat was seen in New Scotland last week in the backyard of Bill Brooks, a resident who has seen them roam through his yard before. This time the bobcat stopped long enough for Mr. Brooks to take a picture of the big cat.

According to the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), bobcats look for areas with brush or wood piles to create dens to have their babies in the winter and into the spring months.

As with all wild animals, it's important that residents don't feed them or try and approach them. It is recommended that you alert the DEC and authorities if you see wild animals in your neighborhood.

Have you ever seen a wild animal in your yard?

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