Drunk driving on any level is foolish. Driving drunk to where the police are is just hard to believe.

But, that is what happened at the state police barracks in New Scotland over the weekend. According to News 10, John Hendrickson of Ravena went to the barracks Sunday to pick someone up who was being released. While he was talking to one of the troopers they smelled alcohol on Hendrickson's breath and then ran him through sobriety tests, which he failed. News 10 says he was arrested on site with a blood alcohol level of .21%!  And it doesn't stop there, He also had some illegal prescriptions on him, which he was also charged on.

The thing here is, the moral of the story here is to never drink and drive, right? Hard to believe someone would take that risk in the first place; even harder to believe they would go right to the police station. I guess in this case, it is a good thing the barracks were the destination as the police were able to get this driver off the road.

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