I saw something very interesting the other night that I think many of you might like.  Walmart is changing their on line shopping policy by adding a cash option.  Cash!  Online! 

Here is how it will work.  You go about your on line shopping as usual by adding items to your cart.  When you cash out, there will be a “cash” option you can check.  You will still fill out your shipping information so the merchandise will get to you.  At that point, you will have 2 days to go to a Walmart with your printed invoice and pay cash at a register!  That’s it!  Then your order will be shipped!

My first thought was, well, if I am going to a Walmart, why don’t  I just buy it then.  But then I realized that online, you can buy sports merchandise that may not be available in your area, plus all the clearance items that are not available in the store, you can still purchase.

I think it’s a great option.  There are many people who don’t shop with credit cards or those who just don’t trust on line shopping.  This is a perfect option for them!

So what do you think?  Do you like the new option?  Will it help you?