These days, nothing ceases to amaze me when it comes to crazy wedding stories, even though I've personally DJ'ed hundreds and hundreds of parties and never experienced anything even CLOSE to this.  All over a freekin' piece of chicken!  It upset me so, it caused me to once again break out into song on this morning's show, in fact! 

I haven't found any video on this yet.  I'm sure it will show up on YouTube, but it seems that the wedding reception of Karyssa and Ben Smethurst in the English village of Fritton ended pretty badly.

The short story?  Best man wanted chicken for his son.  He cuts into the buffet line.  Bride's uncle is not happy.  He punches the best man.  He then gives the bride's sister a broken nose and two black eyes!  It becomes an all out melee, and 10 police officers had to come and break it all up.  All over a piece of CHICKEN, mind you!!

image courtesy of  Imgur

It made me want to rewrite a famous chicken related song that is sung at every wedding, so I did it this morning.

What's the craziest thing YOU'VE ever seen at a wedding reception?  Let me know below! Would love to share on the air!

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