Ever want to stay in a piece of Harry Potter history? Well, now, you can stay in "The Cupboard Under the Stairs" for a weekend in Harry's house now on Airbnb.

Rooooaaaddd trrriippp! Okay, well, maybe not road trip, but it's worth the trip overseas to stay in a piece of history, according to us Potterheads, anyway. Muggles now have the ability to rent the house that was used in the Harry Potter movies for Harry's childhood home. The home (sadly, not in Godric's Hollow) is in village of Lavenham in the English county of Suffolk, according to The Independent.

You and a friend can rent out the Airbnb with a "private one-bedroom room with a shared bathroom, a private sitting room and a courtyard garden for £110 ($142) per night." Not too expensive to live out your Harry Potter fantasies. So far, with this story trending, almost 1000 have already looked to book it within the next coming months. If you're looking to cross this off your Potter Bucket List, with no threat of the Dursleys, you may want to plan that vacation and book it up soon. Who knows, Hogwarts has already sent a letter there once, they may make a repeat trip!

If that's not your speed, apparently, you can also stay in a cottage inspired by Hagrid's Hut as well.

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