Name A Cockroach After Your Ex
Ahh...love is in the air, or is it? If you would like to get back at an ex or just find a new way to get over them, a zoo is giving you a chance to do so this Valentine's Day.
Dog Saves Newborn Baby! The Good News
Every morning at 8:10, 'The Sean and Richie Show" does a feature called "The Good News." Let's face it, the world is full of bad news and catastrophes and the media is falling all over itself to bring it to you. Really, just watching the news every night could lead you to depression. …
People Who Impersonate The British Royal Family
There have been many people who have made a great deal of coin impersonating the rich and famous.  (Just take a drive to Las Vegas and count the Elvises! )  Need any more proof?  Well here's a new one for you-people that are dead ringers for the Royal Family!

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