As the Potterhead on the station, I feel it's my job to tell you when I see something Harry Potter-related. Well, if you don't have Halloween plans yet, then you may want to start planning a night at Hogwarts!

As all of us Harry Potter fans can agree, one thing we've always wanted was our letter in the mail accepting us to the greatest Wizarding School in the whole world. The letter to be a full-time student isn't coming (yet, anyway) but you do have a chance to live like a Hogwarts student this Halloween.

Warner Brothers Studios in London is offering for the second year the opportunity to sleep inside of Hogwarts for Halloween. London is far, yes, but if you're going to go Harry Potter, don't you want to go all-in Harry Potter to be the most genuine?

Mental Floss is reporting that dinner will be provided, you'll be guided by spiders into the Forbidden Forest, get to meet magical beasts, and "battle with a team of Death Eaters with the help of an official Wand Choreographer." Tickets are available now and tours will be from October 25-27.

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