The royal wedding was everything a few weeks ago, little did we know a local man was in the middle of the whole thing pretending to be something he's not.

A few weeks ago, everyone was talking about the royal wedding, it was on every screen. Little did we know, though, one of the experts wasn't exactly what he seemed and is actually from Bolton Landing. You may have seen Thomas Mace-Archer Mills Esq., the chairman of the British Monarchist Society, except that's not at all who is actually is.

Thomas Mace-Archer Mills Esq. is actually Thomas "Tommy" Muscatello originally from Bolton Landing. He said he's always had a fascination with the British family and the Times Union cited that "Mace-Archer-Mills' accent is so ingrained that he doesn't revert to an Upstate accent when stateside. "He said it's hard for him. This is his accent now," his father said."

Granted, it seems as if Mace-Archer-Mills really believes himself to be British. He was recently on The Jim Jefferies Show (Jefferies is British) and he seemed to have no idea that Mace-Archer Mills accent was completely fake. I can't tell if he's trying to scam the British system or is just embodying another nationally because of a genuine love for it, either way the whole situation is pretty entertaining.

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