It is HOT! We are having an incredible heat wave here in upstate New York and it isn't going to get much better for a while. So, you must find ways to stay cool. Whether it's stay inside, get to a pool, cold showers etc. you really do have to keep yourself from overheating.

So I was perusing the inter-webs to help you find some tips, I found a few unusual ones you may have never thought of on a site called Mail Online. Here are my Top 5.

5. Eat Frozen Yogurt, NOT Ice Cream:

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Frozen yougurt has a higher water content than ice cream so it does a better job of keeping your body temperature down.

4. Put your mattress on the floor: 

This one sounds a bit like too much work for me but hot air rises so the lower to the ground you sleep the cooler it should be. Also, for this same reason you should keep your fans lower and point them upwards.

3. Keep your lotion in the fridge:

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I kind of like this one, and I never would have thought about it myself. A little cold moisturizing lotion could go a long ways toward keeping you cool.

2. Spicy Foods!: 

Who would of  thought, but spicy foods, actually cool you down.

1. Lick your wrists:

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Apparently monkeys do this to keep cool , and it works. Clearly if you have access to come cool running water that would probably work better, but if not a little lick and maybe a blow and you are good to go!