This heat wave has all of us trying to stay cool and hydrated. As a parent, we are always making sure our kids do the same. Here is a great snack that not only is delicious but will keep your kids hydrated. I can't take credit for this awesome idea to keep the kids cool during the heat wave. My girlfriend, Jenn, came up with a great summer snack hack to trick the kids into staying hydrated.

Jenn loves to shop Amazon Prime and when she was scrolling through one day, she came across freeze pop zip lock bags. These are designed so that you can fill them with any liquid, freeze them and make your own.

Having a seven-year-old who loves freeze pops, she was having a hard time having him constantly drinking water or something to keep him hydrated. So Jenn went and bought Pedialyte. This contains electrolytes to keep kids from becoming dehydrated. She filled up the bags, froze them and he loved them.


Pedialyte comes in many flavors too. They make a delicious refreshing snack while giving moms and dads peace of mind.

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