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Parents Guide To Stealing Your Kids Halloween Candy
Thursday marks another year parents will be taking kids trick or treating on Halloween.  I'm hoping it's as fun (and bountiful) for you, as it is for them. Many parents will be racing home from work to take the kiddos out, which is a task in and of itself.  But the hard work started weeks, maybe eve…
Eating Egg Salad & Other Things You Should Never Do On A Plane
Flying these days pretty much sucks.  First off, the airlines ring up every little charge imaginable.  $30 for checked luggage is the biggest crock of &^!@ on the planet.  I'm you expect me to NOT bring luggage?!  Imagine showing up at a restaurant and they started charging you for p…
Brian Teaches You ‘Sock Hack’ That Will Change Your Life
I'm no fashion aficionado but occasionally I like to get a little dressed up and attempt to look relatively stylish. Socks are always a big question mark, especially in the summer months when men and women are showing a little more ankle -  and you can't not wear socks. But what type of socks do you…
21 Fun Ways To Open A Beer Bottle [VIDEO]
So I am getting excited about our upcoming event Electric City On Tap this Saturday at the Schenectady Armory, but more about that in a minute. First I have to share this cool video I found with 21 different hacks you can use to open a beer bottle when you don't have an opener nearby.
5 Unique Tricks To Keep Cool This Summer!
It is HOT! We are having an incredible heat wave here in upstate New York and it isn't going to get much better for a while. So, you must find ways to stay cool. Whether it's stay inside, get to a pool, cold showers etc. you really do have to keep yourself from overheating.