When you're kissing someone special, you might just be wondering what they're thinking about you.  I know when I was dating I used to be nervous about my breath, or technique - I can't be alone!

Well, a new survey asked people for the most unattractive things to deal with when you're making out with someone.

Here are the top five answers.

1. Tasting like cigarettes.  Ew! Unless you're a smoker yourself, then I wonder if it matters?

2. Noticeable body odor.  Never okay.  For God's sake, take a shower!

3. Sloppy technique . . . meaning way too much tongue.  This is fixable!  Practice makes perfect!

4. Bad teeth. Which includes crooked teeth, but also just bad oral hygiene in general.  Hmmmm... if it's a minor issue, it could be avoidable, but if not, yikes!

5. A cold sore. Which you'd hope you'd notice BEFORE you start kissing.  Only you can prevent the spread of oral herpes.  Do your part.


The good news?  The survey also asked for the MOST attractive kissing habits . . .

1. Smelling nice.

2. Passionately biting your own bottom lip during a make-out session.

3. Holding the person's hand while you make out.

4. Touching their face.

5. Keeping your eyes open.  Really?

Photo by John Minihan/Evening Standard/Getty Images
Photo by John Minihan/Evening Standard/Getty Images

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