Thank you to the many GNA listeners who reached out to Brian and Chrissy with information about the amazing Schoharie County dispatcher who prayed on the phone with Bethany from Amsterdam moments after she learned that it was her family and friends involved in the tragic crash.

On October 6, a horrific limo-bus crash in Schoharie took the lives of 20 people, many of whom had ties to the city of Amsterdam.  Taken way too soon were loving friends, sisters, husbands and wives, and life-long acquaintances.  On Thursday morning, we had the honor of speaking to Bethany Nacco whose husband Thomas lost four of his sisters on that fateful day.

Bethany bravely spoke to GNA about the crash and during the course of the interview, she praised an unknown man; a dispatcher from the Schoharie County Sheriff's Office who was a friendly voice of calm as she was attempting to find out more information about the crash. She stayed in contact with this man throughout the course of the day.

When Bethany and her family came to realization that it was more than likely her friends and relatives in that limo-bus, she called the sheriff's office again and spoke to the same dispatcher.  The kind man, as Bethany puts it, took off his badge and simply became a 'human'. He stayed on the line with her, offered to help in any way, and in a beautiful touching moment, prayed with her for those who perished and for her family and children that will be forever affected.

Bethany hadn't been able to find out this man's name, but thanks to our incredible GNA listeners, we now know who he is and he has been contacted.  We've been able to pass along the information to Bethany so that her and the family members can thank him for his compassion and love in a tragic moment of need.

Bethany and her family are incredibly grateful that through your help, she's able to contact this amazing man and simply say 'thank you'.

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