When Michael Ray and Carly Pearce announced publicly that they were dating over the Summer, they quickly became the 'relationship goals'. of country music.  Until Secret Star on Wednesday, they hadn't had a chance to do an interview together and we didn't want to waste an opportunity to put their love to the test.  We played a game with them to test out how well they know one another and while we didn't want to be too invasive, there were some things we just had to find out!

Little did our sold out Secret Star crowd know that Michael Ray was to be our surprise guest on Wednesday night.  He and Carly Pearce have made the most of their free time since their relationship blossomed a few months ago, and when we invited him to be our secret Secret Star, he gladly obliged.

In their first ever interview together, we played a game with them to test just how well they know one another and they did not disappoint.  They shared with us some pretty intimate details discussing among other things their first kiss, and even told us who first said 'I love you'.


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