Carly Pearce and Michael Ray Take Tell-All Relationship Quiz
When Michael Ray and Carly Pearce announced publicly that they were dating over the Summer, they quickly became the 'relationship goals'. of country music.  Until Secret Star on Wednesday, they hadn't had a chance to do an interview together and we didn't want to waste an opportunity to put their lo…
I Didn't Have The Heart To Tell My Friend What His Wife Did
A few days after Christmas, I ran into a good buddy of mine I hadn't seen in a month or two.  We caught up about life, work, the holidays; the usual stuff.  Then it happened. Beaming with pride, he showed me the gift his wife of two years purchased him for  Christmas. After I examined the gift, I no…
Can a Man and a Woman Be ‘Just Friends’
Wondering if your man is running around on you with that chick that's "just his friend"???
You're probably trying to be cool about it, all the while wondering if a man and a woman can really be “just friends”.
Well, lucky for you, science is invo…
1 in 2 Men and 1 in 3 Women Could Be Talked Into an Open Marriage
This morning we talked a little bit about open marriages.  I thought very few couples would be into sharing, but I was wrong!
A new study asked married people if they'd consider having an open relationship where they could have sex with other people, and their husband or wife could too...
5 Make-Out Turn-Offs
When you're kissing someone special, you might just be wondering what they're thinking about you.  I know when I was dating I used to be nervous about my breath, or technique - I can't be alone!
Well, a new survey asked people for the most unattractive things to deal with when you…
Jake Shows His Soft Side
WGNA Countryfest Headliner Jake Owen showed his romantic side on stage the other night!
He changed his set list for a couple named Seth and Sierra at his concert last Thursday in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  It started at the meet & greet when Seth mentioned that Jake's song …
Idaho Couple Facebook Photo Scandal
Laraine Cook, a former girls' basketball coach at Pocatello High School in Idaho, was fired from her job in October over a Facebook photo in which her fiance, Tom Harrison, holds her breast.
He's the football coach at the same high school...
In a Relationship? This Song is for YOU! [Video]
So, if you've ever been in a relationship, I'm sure you can totally relate to this song about communication!
So cute, right!  Barnes and Miner are a husband and wife comedy duo from Seattle.  Check them out at!