The average person doesn't expect danger in their own home. But for 19 year old David Feliciano, that danger took his life.

Police are investigating a now fatal shooting that took place Monday night on Grove Street in Mechanicville. According to Police Feliciano had just relocated from Clifton Park to Mechanicville with his girlfriend and his family is shocked that he has been shot and killed. Who did the shooting and the reasons behind it are still unknown as Police continue their investigation.

At the time Police were called to the scene on Monday evening, they went into the home and took what they are calling "evidence," but again, we're unsure at this time what could have caused the shooting in the first place.

You know it has to be a pretty big deal though, when the Mechanicville Police Department is getting help from New York State Police Major Crimes Unity, Forensic Identification Unit, and BCI unit investigators from various counties. It's like an episode of Law & Order right in our own backyards. Let me state for the record, that's not so cool.

Source: WTEN

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