If you're like my family, at some point there will be a ridiculous amount of people all crammed into someones home to celebrate the holiday.

If you're looking to switch things up a little bit this year and include a fun game, this will be perfect!

It's currently on the verge of going viral across social media and looks like a ton of fun!

It's the "Santa Hat" game, or so it's being called and requires minimal items to play. You'll need a Santa hat, oven mitts, a gift and two dice. Whoever starts has to put on the hat, the mitts and try to open the gift, while the person to their left rolls the dice. This continues until the person rolling the dice gets doubles. Once they do, the hat, mitts and gift shift to them as it repeats around the circle until someone gets the gift open. If you are the one that does the unwrapping, you're the winner and the gift is yours! Pretty cool, right?!

Check out a video of it taking place for real and just imagine how crazy it'll be with your family!