Did you hear that there's been a change to the Webster's Dictionary?  If you look up the word "dedication", you now see a photo of this Bethlehem Children's School educator-extroardinaire, Brittany Pardi. 

Screen Shot Brittany Pardi
from Press Release

Brittany Pardi is on a mission to raise money for scholarships, and she's got a slogan -"Go HIGH or Go Home".  She's going very high -in the sky.  She plans to SKYDIVE. She is "Soaring for Scholarships" Here is her press release.


Screen Shot Britney Pardi Press Release

If you'd like to donate to the cause, she has a page at indiegogo.com.   I've worked with Brittany for the past 3 years on my Reading, Writing and Rhyming program. She's an amazing teacher in a very unique learning environment. You can tell how much she loves it, and I'm sure the community is going to love her for this!

Good luck, Brittany, and thanks for all you do!

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