Last week Sean, Richie and I played "Would You Rather" on Wednesday.  One of our interns, Ryan (also Sean's oldest son) has hopes to continue this as a series.  Which sounded like a super fun idea... until... 2 of the 3 of us went on vacation!

So, because I had no vacation this week, and because I had no daycare this week, Turner, my son, came to work with me!  He was a very good boy!  And I think he only made one peep live on the air the whole time!

Yesterday, in keeping with the "Would You Rather" tradition, Turner sat in for Sean and Richie, and I think you'll agree that he did a really great job!

Except for the part at the end when he refused to give me a kiss!  Rude!  I'll work on that!  Apparently he "would rather" not.  Ha!  See what I did there!