The Lion King is the biggest movie on the planet right now and my son, Ryan, went to see it. He's never seen the cartoon original so he was going in with the idea that he was seeing a brand new movie. Here's what he thought about it. You know that our entire family is Disney fans, so when The Lion King came out, Ryan was excited to see it. He went to the theater with his mom and she told me that he was scared, he laughed and she knows parts of the movie made him sad.

When they got home, I sat down with Ryan and asked him what he thought about The Lion King. In his cute little eight-year-old voice, he explained the scary, the funny and the sad parts of the movie.

My favorite part of his review is him trying to sing the opening lines of "Circle Of Life". He thought they said, "AHHHH YAYA SIB BLA BLA BLA!". I guess it's all in how you interpret it.

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