Friday Morning Live: Halloween Edition [Watch]
We love our listeners!  They never fail to entertain us just as much as we try to entertain them!  We wanted to design a way to bring some listeners into our little studio and party with them!
That's how "Friday Morning Live" was born...
Sean, Richie, and Bethany’s Friday Morning Live [Watch]
Did you hear us having an absolute blast with our listeners on Friday morning?  It was our very first edition of Friday Morning Live!  Where we invite a select group of listeners into our studio to hang out with us on a Friday morning!
We played games with them, had breakfast with them, got…
Would You Rather Wednesday [Watch]
Last week Sean, Richie and I played "Would You Rather" on Wednesday.  One of our interns, Ryan (also Sean's oldest son) has hopes to continue this as a series.  Which sounded like a super fun idea... until... 2 of the 3 of us went on vacation...
Monday, April 20, 2015 – Super 7
1. 103 years ago . . . In 1912, FENWAY PARK opened - where is it?
a - Boston
2. What major event is happening in Boston today?
a - Marathon
3. JOSEPH "DON'T CALL ME JOEY" LAWRENCE is 39 today, what was his overused phrase on Blossom...
'GNA Jocks Guess Secret Star
Morning show producer Dave thought it would be a great idea to see who each DJ thinks will be at Wednesday night's show!
The winner will get bragging rights and the use of one of the "good stools" in the studio. (As you may know, we have a bit of a seating situation in the stud…
Record-Breaking Pic
Ellen made Twitter history when she shared this star-filled Oscar photo - now we're trying to make 'GNA history!
Let's see if we can get 1077 shares!  Ready, set, go!
You Know You’re Fed Up With Winter When…
When? When what?  It's YOUR turn.  I'm in a really bad mood tonite.  We're in a deep freeze AGAIN.  I'm mad as hell and I can't take it any more!  Can you?  Here's how I can tell that the dreaded cabin fever has taken over, and then I'…
See Richie on the News!
Richie will be making a special media appearance today-no, not on the radio!
The folks from Channel 13 were here this morning interviewing Richie about his five-county anti-bullying song. Richie went around to area schools and got children to help him write and produce a song about standing up to bul…
Make a BitStrip and you could win!
Tag Bethany, Sean or Richie in a BitStrip on Facebook and we could pick you to win a prize!  Tomorrow morning Sean, Richie and Bethany will pick their fav BitStrips and give those creative listeners a prize from our prize closet!
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