I won't ever make excuses for being the biggest and, most of the time, the loudest fan at my son, Ryan's games. I record myself being loud and obnoxious and we play them back in a segment we call, "Big League Chooch". I come from a very loud family where we were taught, at a young age, to cheer, be loud and proud for whatever you are rooting for. Growing up, I could always hear my family's support from the sidelines and they were super loud and sometimes obnoxious.

Now I am the parent and the loudest one on the sidelines of my son, Ryan's, flag football game. I mic myself up every week and I bring back the audio to playback on our show. Brian and Jess find my cheering to be obnoxious at times, but I don't care. I put it all out there. We call this segment "Big League Chooch". Here is the audio from this week.


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