I will admit that I am my son's biggest fan and I express it every week at his games. I am loud and proud when I cheer him on. I record myself and we play back my obnoxious rants on the sidelines in a segment we call, "Big League Chooch". Growing up, my family was very supportive and super loud at whatever sport we were playing. I guess that's where I get it from. It comes from a place of love and passion for both the sports and my son.

Ryan is almost nine and he plays indoor flag football. He is passionate and loves to play. From the sidelines, I cheer loudly and sometimes it comes across as obnoxious. I bring back the audio and we play it on the show. Brian and Jess think I am over the top and unnecessarily loud, but I don't care. Here is this week's installment of "Big League Chooch".

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