This video at first glance just cracks you up, this guy is hysterical. I have to tell you though I had to watch it a few times not only to check out all the great dance moves this guy throws into thirty seconds but I also began wondering if he was at this concert alone?

For the record he does the Carlton, the Moonwalk and a bit of the Robot and thats just what I noticed besides the really awesome boy band spin moves.

As I watched it though I thought if this guy is someone's Dad and got dragged out to the park to see The Vamps then he may be the coolest Dad ever. I'm sure that isn't what his kids are thinking but I love the way he is havin' at it and making the most of his afternoon. Then as I realized there is really no one at all around him that seems to be claiming ownership of the guy that maybe he is just there alone. If he is there alone, does that make him a little bit creepier? I don't know. He sure does dress like a Dad.

I really just love how much fun he is having and I think in the long run no matter who he is or why he found himself dancing at the concert, he is awesome for living life to it's fullest and having a great time dancing no matter who is watching. Check him out.

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