Ok - quick - what's a word that describes the day AFTER tomorrow?  Come on - you can do it.  Actually, no you can't.  There isn't a word for that in English, but other countries have a word for it.  That's just ONE example of the problems with our lexicon (that means language) 

According to  the Week  we have a very faulty language here.   Example -what do you call....

The day after tomorrow?  That's called ZEG in Georgia

The feeling of being uptight when you can't remember somebody's name?

That's called a  "tartle"  (It's Scottish)


When a lady stands in a Walmart or any other public spot yelling obsenities to her kids?

"Kaelling" (from Denmark)

There's a whole list of them that you can find  here at  the Week.

Here's one more.  .How about someone who compulsively lies and then sues you if you accuse them of lying?

That's called being "Lanced" (I made that up)

Can you think of any?  Would love to know below!


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