Last year, we went without the iconic conversation hearts for Valentine's Day. Then we found out that they are back this year but in limited quantity. Now there is one more piece of news that no one expected about these perfect candies. According to News 10 ABC, the Spangler Company that took over the production of the Sweethearts conversation heart candies were determined to get them back on the market for the 2020 Valentine's season. They did, but there are some major problems.

There were some production problems because the printers that were purchased from the old company were damaged in transport. Now the conversation hearts that you used to know are much different this year. A company called broke down the problems with the hearts.

They said that only three percent of the ones they bought (10 boxes) were printed correctly. Eight percent had writing cut off and left a partial print. Twenty-four percent had printing on them that you couldn't read. Get this, sixty-five percent of all of the hearts were blank.

The Spangler company has already said that they are in limited quantities in stores as it is. Here's an idea. Maybe give your sweetheart some candy and tell them "I'm Yours" directly to them.

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