Let me "axe" you a question: How much does it drive you nuts when people simply make up their own words?  Does it stem from laziness, being from a different part of the country perhaps, or maybe it's just the way they were raised.  We did a topic on the show Tuesday morning about commonly used words that people mispronounce and thanks to your phone calls and social media comments, we were able to add some precious new ones to the list!  Enjoy

  • Ax instead of Ask
  • Baggle instead of Bagel 
  • Melk or Malk  instead of Milk
  • Pellow instead of Pillow
  • Cousint instead Cousin
  • Aight instead of Alright
  • Ruff instead of Roof
  • Rutt Beer instead of Root Beer 
  • Ath-a-lete instead of Athlete
  • Acrossed instead of Across
  • DACKS instead of Adirondacks
  • TOGA instead of Saratoga

Then of course the 3 words that nobody wants to ever hear even when pronounced properly; Squirt, Moist, and the dreaded Panties.

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