The Oxford English Dictionary is adding a bunch of new words, and frankly, I think the words seem a little stale.  I mean, a lot of these words are super old and I feel like they should have been added 100 years ago!

Here are some of the biggies (and oldies!) -

1.  Fuhgeddaboudit.  Like "forget about it."   

2.  'Merica . . . meaning America without the "A" at the beginning... country fans def know this one!

3.  Bracketology.  As in March Madness nonsense.

4.  Clickbait.  When an article lures you in but doesn't deliver online.

5.  Moobs.  Short for 'man boobs.'

6.  Non-apology.  When you act like you're apologizing, but don't actually say you're sorry.

7.  Swirlie.  When you dunk someone's head in a toilet and flush it.

8.  YOLO.  "You only live once."

9.  Squee.  It's Internet slang for when something's cute.

10.  Kegerator.  A refrigerator with a tap on the front, and a keg of beer inside.

(They're also adding "jagoff," and "biatch" made the list too...FYI)

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