If you ask someone what word they hate the most, there's a good chance they'll go with "MOIST."

Psychologists at 2 different colleges decided to study it, and figure out why more than 20% of people say it's their least favorite word.

They found that the more someone's disgusted with bodily functions, the more they dislike the word.

And when it's paired with anything sexual, or even just random words, it subconsciously reminds people of uncomfortable, embarrassing, or foul moments with their own body or someone else's.

But apparently it's still an okay way to describe food.  Even people who hate the word don't seem to mind it when it's in a dessert context, like "moist cake"  - they just hate it in every other situation.  Which is really interesting to me, because I really don't like to say the word "cake"!  Cake.  Cake - see, weird!

One of our listeners, Sonja, heard me talking about this on the air this morning and sent me this list of words that are worse than moist!  See if you agree -

1. girth

2. clavicle

3. ointment

4. flaccid

5. panties

6. succulent

7. bologna

8. doppelgänger

9. grotesque

Are there any words you'd like to add to this list?

Let me know in the comment section below!

richie's cake
photo by Richie Phillips

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