Just in time for Women's Equality Day (which is August 26th, by the way) Albany's Fire Department gets their first female deputy chief!

Maria Walker is well aware of the importance her new promotion holds. It's not every day that a woman is granted the opportunity that she has been given.

Walker is one of three women in the department of 250. At one time there were six women, but some retired. She's no stranger to creating a path for women within the field as she was the first woman to be promoted to Captain, as well in 2011.

Quoted by the Times Union, Walker said:

"I understand the importance of it — it's not lost on me. It's an honor, it truly is," Walker said, adding she knew this question would be asked. "But for me, it's work."

Fire Chief, Warren Abriel is behind her 100% saying that she is proof that there is a career path for any firefighter who works their way up. If you're knowledgeable, show dedication and hard work, anything is possible.

If you're a woman and interested in becoming a part of the fire fighting population, Chief Abriel says they're always actively seeking new members to diversify their department.

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