Time to be a Coca-Cola scientist and create your own unique flavor. You have a chance to not only create your own flavor for them to make, but you could win $10,000. According to Delish.com, Coca-Cola is doing a "Make Your Mix" contest. It may be a lot of trial and error on your part, but you could score ten thousand dollars. Here's how it works.

You know those cool Freestyle soda machines that are touch screen at your favorite quick restaurants? Find a Coca-Cola one and start experimenting. There are close to two hundred flavors to chose from. You can mix up to three flavors and see what creative concoction you come up with. Take a picture of what you've created and post it to Twitter or Instagram. Make sure you say what you mixed and put up the #MakeYourMixContest in the caption.

You have to be at least 13 years old to enter and you can enter up to 10 times. The contest closes on June 30th. The finalists' recipes will be available on the Freestyle machines across the country and you can vote starting August 26th. Whichever flavor finalist gets the most pours wins.

If you are the grand prize winner, you will get ten grand. Five finalists will get $100. To get the official rules click HERE.

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