Local Steakhouses Get Burned In Recent 'Best Of' Poll
It's been a really long time since I've gone out to a quality steakhouse and sliced into a  delectable piece of seared beef. Searching for some inspiration, I took a look at a recent poll of the '35 best steakhouses in upstate' and the results were rather bland.   …
Finally A New Oreo "Flavor" We All Love
I love Oreo cookies, but lately I think they have been getting too cute with the flavor concoctions. Now I am excited to announce that they are coming out with one that I know I will absolutely love and you will too.
NY Flavored Pop Tarts?
What is your favorite kind of Pop Tart? What if I told you they were making a breakfast pasty that had the flavor of New York?
A Twist On A Favorite Drink
Let me start by saying this isn't an endorsement. I went to Dunkin' Donuts and got my favorite-an original Coffee Colada. Yes, I do get them in the winter. After taking my order, the girl waiting on me asks if I would like whipped cream on it.