Christmas gift giving has got to be one of the biggest sources of stress for most people. You never really know what most of the people on your list needs or wants and even if you do, you're never sure how much you're supposed to spend on them. I like when I can arrange with people to not exchange. Honestly, I have always felt there is a magic to Christmas that is best enjoyed by children, they should always have gits to open on Christmas morning. Me, on the other hand, I'm not that worried about getting anything from most of the people I know and love. Today's dilemma features a Brother in need and a family agreement.


Let's see what our listener wrote in: "This Christmas is extra tight for some members of the family, espeically my brother who has been laid off for a while. So we agreed "no gifts for the adults," for at least a year, until things got better. Here's the problem, I already got my brother a gift on Black Friday -- a TV. It was a really good deal! He really needs a new TV, however; I feel like I shouldn't go against the agreement and hurt his pride. What should I do?"

Here is how the phone calls went, I wonder if you will agree with the callers. 

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