Police and the FBI are investigating the car break-ins happening in Saratoga County that they believe to be gang-related. Several women who are victims have come forward to warn others and share their stories. According to Spectrum News, a few women who were victims of the alleged "Felony Lane Gang" have come forward to warn others to not leave any valuables in their vehicles. There have been several car thefts lately in Saratoga County and now we have a better idea of where they are happening.

One woman says she was at Halfmoon Town Park earlier this summer. When she returned to her vehicle, her driver-side window was smashed to pieces and her valuables were stolen.

This gang looks for vehicles with pocketbooks, wallets, and checkbooks left in plain sight or in glove compartments. They then go to a bank dressed as the victim and cash checks and withdraw money.

There have been thirty thefts reported in the past month with victims typically women with children at places like daycares and gyms along with parks and playgrounds.

There have been several leads and the Sherrif's office is working closely with the FBI.

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