When the flu starts hitting people start getting flu shots in droves. You can try to get in to see your doctor, but fortunately there are many other places to get a shot, if they aren't out of the vaccine. Call ahead to make sure they have a supply in stock. 

Click on the name of the pharmacy or store to see a Google Map of locations in our area and to get their contact information. 

Flu Shot Pharmacy List for Albany






Rite Aid


Many other local pharmacies and doctors offices are offering the shot too. We prefer the retail local over our doctor, because who wants to sit in a waiting room full of sick people!

It takes around two weeks to be immune after the shot is administered. The CDC said this year's vaccine is 60% effective, which means you could still get the flu after having a shot anyhow.

Not sure if you have the flu? We have a chart of cold VS flu symptoms for you to check out.