It looks as if the flu season could be bad and health officials are recommending getting the flu shot sooner than later. According to News 10 ABC, Australia just got done with winter and is dealing with its flu season. It seems that the flu season came early and was brutal. This is a good indication of what our flu season is going to be like.

The American Academy of Pediatrics and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention are recommending that everyone gets their flu shot before the end of October. It takes the vaccine two weeks to get into your system to make you immune.

We just brought Ryan to the doctor to get his flu shot and Jenn and I both plan on getting ours by the end of the month. I never used to get the flu shot until two years ago when I came down with the flu. It was terrible. I got the shot last year and I will never go without it again.

Check with your doctor or local pharmacy to see if they are carrying the flu shot.

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