When flu season hits, every sniffle can make you wonder if it is the flu or just a cold. Neither are pleasant but there are differences between the two. Here is a chart comparing both medical conditions with some differences between the two. 

FeverNot usuallyUsually. Fever comes on suddenly is usually high. Can last around 3 days
HeadacheNot usuallyCommon
Body Aches + PainoccasionallyModerate to extreme - can last up to a month
Runny nosecommoncommon
Sore Throatcommonpossible
Coughingyesyes - but can become severe
Appetite decreased not hungry
OtherCan be accompanied by an ear infection or a sinus infectionCan lead to pneumonia, organ failures, and can be life threatening


Please note - this isn't by any means meant for you to diagnos or treat an illness. Only a doctor can tell you what's wrong and what course of action you need. This chart is purely for informative purposes and if you're sick, please get medical attention. Also, please feel better soon!