There is still time to get your flu shot and after a report was put out this week, you may want to get yours now. It's official, the flu is prominent across New York state. This is the first year in my life that I got the flu shot. In January of this year I got hit hard with the flu. It was awful and now I vow to get the flu shot every year. You are urged to get it too from New York state health officials.

The New York state Health Department has released its latest findings of where the flu cases are popping up and now it is widespread across the state. According to WETM, because the health department declared the flu widespread, all medical officials in New York must be vaccinated and wear a mask if they are in a unit where the flu may be present.

There have been over three thousand confirmed cases of the flu throughout forty three counties and the entire five boroughs of New York City. In the Capital Region, there are a reported seventy seven confirmed cases of the flu. The most concentrated in Saratoga County. To check out the flu cases reported through December 15th across the state, click here for the map with the county breakdown.

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