We are all gearing up for the big turkey day and whether you are going somewhere for the big meal or cooking yourself, here are a few safety tips that you need to follow. If you are preparing the turkey on Thursday, here are a few guidelines you should follow so you and your guests don't get sick. A couple of these I had no idea they weren't ever supposed to be done.

According to Spectrum News, first and foremost and the one that blew me away, never rinse your bird. Yes! You should never run your turkey under water and rinse it before you prepare it. Giving the turkey a good rinse can cause cross contamination and it actually spreads bacteria not wash it away. The "dirty" water can splash everywhere up to three feet including on clothing and counter tops.

You should always make sure your turkey is completely thawed. You need to give it ample time to defrost properly. A cold bath is recommended changing the water every thirty minutes.

Finally, you are encouraged to always use a thermometer. You should cook the bird to 165 degrees using a food thermometer. Check the thickest parts to be sure including the wings, thighs and the breast.

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