Before You Cook Your Turkey, Don't Do This
I am hosting Thanksgiving tomorrow and I am not a great cook. So while I was looking for the best way to cook the turkey, I came across this article about preparing the bird before it goes in the oven. I had no idea that I wasn't supposed to do this.
15 Dysfunctional Things Guaranteed At My T-Giving
When my family gets together for Thanksgiving, it's usually a s**t show and I love it.  That's what makes us truly, well...special.  Maybe your family does some of the same dysfunctional things mine does, but I doubt it. Enjoy
2 Thanksgiving Leftover Recipe Ideas From Bethany
So I have been doing both of these fun Turkey Day leftover ideas for a couple of years now and they have been Bethany and Bub tested and approved! So I felt inclined to pass them along to you!
The first is simple and kinda boring, but really sorta genius...
Bethany’s Turkey Brine Recipe
Did you hear Sean and I chatting/arguing about how to properly cook a turkey this morning?  Well, I'm correct, for the record!
Here's what you do guys...
In a half a gallon of apple cider, dissolve half cup of brown sugar and half cup of salt...
I Got Creative In Thawing My Turkey [WATCH]
Since moving into my house, I've pretty much annually thrown a "Friendsgiving" - long before people were using the term, by the way, which makes me feel like I lost out on a fortune. Any way, with that being said, yesterday was my latest installment of the Marissa-made-holiday…
4 Tips for a Less Stressful Thanksgiving
Turkey day is my holiday to host.  Every year Bub's family comes from just south of Buffalo for one of the only meals I actually cook!  The traditional Thanksgiving feast!
If you're hosting Thanksgiving on Thursday like I am, here are a couple of tips to keep it as chill as p…
Working on Thanksgiving? You’re Not Alone!
On Thursday, while everyone is with their families eating until they have to unbutton their pants having uncomfortable conversations about Syrian refugees with their crazy uncles, and drinking as much wine as they possibly can, some of us will be at work...

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