Trisha's Southern Kitchen, With Jess!
One of my very first events with WGNA was the incredible opportunity to see and meet Garth Brooks and his incredible wife Trisha Yearwood. While everyone was in awe of having the opportunity to talk to Garth Brooks, I had another focus.
2 Thanksgiving Leftover Recipe Ideas From Bethany
So I have been doing both of these fun Turkey Day leftover ideas for a couple of years now and they have been Bethany and Bub tested and approved! So I felt inclined to pass them along to you!
The first is simple and kinda boring, but really sorta genius...
Cooking In The Dishwasher
The first time I heard anyone using the dishwasher anything other than washing dishes I was floored. A man once told me he cleaned parts to his car in the dishwasher. I was totally grossed out. YOU EAT OFF THE DISHES IN THERE! Why would you want road grime floating near your dishes...
The Perfect Egg Everytime
No matter how you like your eggs, there is probably an easier way to make them and you will learn it in the video below. Did you know that you can scramble an egg in it's shell before you break it?! Do you like Eggs Benedict, there is also a way to poach an egg perfectly every time...

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