Don't Eat Romaine Lettuce
Another plea for everyone to stop eating romaine lettuce. Restaurants and homes are being urged to throw all of that type of lettuce away immediately.
Goldfish Cracker Recall
It seems that every few days we are being warned of a possible Salmonella outbreak in our snacks. Here's another one to be aware of. This time it's those delicious Goldfish crackers. There are a few flavors that have been recalled.
Frozen Dinner Recall
There is a major recall of a very popular family style frozen dinner because it contains bone fragments. You may want to check your freezer.
How E-Coli Contaminated Million Dollar Beach
It's open again no it's closed. That has been the story the past few weeks regarding Million Dollar Beach and The Department Of Environmental Conservation has been scrambling to find the source of e-coli that has been contaminating the beach. Well now they have located its source.