It's the Holiday Season. Gifts for everyone!  And not just any gift, its a time we splurge on our friends and family, and sometimes even ourselves.  But how much is too much?

user alliecreative -flickr
user alliecreative -flickr

I read today the average American parent plans to spend roughly $270 per child for Christmas gifts.  Times have changed, the economy is getting better and people are spending more money, so is this right?

I would think the amount spent would have to depend on the age as well.  I mean can you really spend $270 on a newborn?  What about a teenager?  I guess you can get that iPod or some clothes? I also read that one of the mistakes parents make is trying to spend the same amount on each child, it may be "fair" but they said younger kids wont know the difference.

The average family is expected to spend about $1000 on Christmas gifts in total.  That includes gifts for family, friends and co- worker gifts.

Have we forgotten the true meaning of Christmas?  Or should we go crazy, it is Christmas after all! What about you, will you be spending more this year than last year?

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