It never ceases to amaze me how much money companies will spend on copyrighted music if they think it will "sell soup".  This company spent a ton, and it's a classic Beatles song. All together now - who is it? The answer?  KOHLS.  The question is - do you recognize this commercial?  I just want to know if the money is well spent.

The company, according to Time Magazine decided to use a cover of a song the Beatles wrote for their 1969 album "Yellow Submarine".

They wanted to emphasize diversity in their ads, so they thought that the song reinforced that idea perfectly.

The Beatles are usually very picky about HOW their music is used commercially of if it is to be allowed at all.  The process of getting the song and ok'ing the commercial from Sony took, according to the article, 5 months.  After all that, was it worth it?  They say that "it only requires you having 2 bars of the song in your head, and you've accomplished half the battle".

Well, I tried it around here and it didn't ring a bell (Christmas reference).  I guess the jury is out if it works, but hell, I'd shop there anyway.  Not to worry, Kohls.


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