The point of them is to get stuck in our head but some of them do a better job then others. I'm sure after this list, you'll be singing one of them for the rest of the day.

We're inundated with so many advertisements all of the time, where ever we go, and where ever we look. It's hard for a business to stand out sometimes, that's when they turn to jingles. The reason for the jingle is to get that small song stuck in your head so that you think of them when you need the product they provide. Some of those jingles, though, stood the test of time and are in our memories long after the business closed.

I saw this idea on New York Upstate and was surprised when none of their choices were from around here. The only one that came close was the Six Flags commercial with Mr. Six Flags that featured the song "We Like to Party" from the Vengaboys. I found a few more on Saratoga Living.

  • The most iconic jingle from this area has to be from the Water Slide World commercial. There are people in the Capital Region (myself included) that pride themselves on knowing the entire jingle song. We recently found out that Water Slide World will be closing but something tells me that song will forever live on.
  • Another classic from around here was the Catskill Game Farm jingle. I tried looking for a video or audio clip but apparently, no one has it. Again, another song that outlasted the business itself.
  • Next, I'm sure if I were to say "Enchanted Forest Water Safari," you'd be able to finish the line. That was a quick jingle but still iconic.
  • Martin, Harding and Mazzotti came up with a great way to get you to remember their phone number. "The heavy hitters do it again, call..." and I'm sure you can finish that easily.
  • Even if you've never bought a car from him or even been there, you're sure to know that "Everybody likes Jack Byrne!"

There's so many more to choose from. Do you have a favorite jingle that didn't make the list? What is it?

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