It may be only July and many of us don't want to think about the holidays, but Christmas is less than six months away. A local department store chain is beginning the hiring process to find holiday help now. Kohl's is getting a jump start on the holiday hiring process. They announced that they will start looking for seasonal workers in early August. Kohl's wants to hire for more that three hundred of its eleven hundred stores in the U.S.. They are looking to fill back-to-school, fall and holiday jobs.

Kohl's hopes that with the early hiring this year, their teams will be fully staffed, trained and ready for the peak shopping seasons. They aren't just hiring new employees, current workers will be able to increase their hours if requested.

Jobs at Kohl's are available in the stores, distribution and fulfillment centers, and credit operations. These openings will begin in August.

To find out which jobs are available, to apply and to get more information, click here.

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