I am, by no means, a fashion expert. So I won't attempt to tell you what outfits will look the best for you when you come to Countryfest 2018 at SPAC two weeks from today (July 7th). But what I can tell you is exactly what you must "wear" to the best concert of the summer. I am going to give you a different take on what to "wear" to Countryfest this year. I will start with the number one must-have. Sunscreen. Depending on your skin tone, make sure you lather up with the highest SPF you will need. Also, bring extra so you can keep applying throughout the day. We are in for a long summer day at SPAC and you don't want to deal with a sunburn.

I will recommend a hat, either cowboy or a snap back. These will look great but also help you block those intense summer rays. That goes for sunglasses too. But you know what looks the best on you so go with which ones you are sexiest in.

Finally, bring that bug spray. This is very important when the sun goes down. Because we are going to be jammin' well into the night at SPAC, you don't want those skeeters to have a feast.

Your outfit and your shoe game is all you. Like I said before, I have no idea when it comes to fashion, but if you bring the few things I suggested you "wear", you will have a safe and fun time.

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